Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life's a Beach

It took me almost an hour to get dressed this morning.

This always happens, the first few days when it gets warm outside.  I have no problem with winter clothes.  I understand winter clothes.  We wear clothes in the winter to keep us warm.  Summer clothes confuse me.  We don't wear clothes in the summer to keep us warm.  We wear clothes in the summer to keep us from getting arrested.

We can't go around naked which, besides being socially unacceptable (except, evidently, at a Met Gala), is a bad idea for feet.  And for chairs.  So we wear as little as possible, because it's hot, and try to wear clothes that do a little something to obscure the view of our less-than-stellar body parts.

The list of which gets longer every year.

Hence the confusion this morning.  This year my ankles made the list.  They don't need to be covered, exactly, but they probably shouldn't be showcased.  That took me by surprise, since I've always had very nice ankles.  Not anymore.  It's like the tide eroding the beach.  Every year, there's a little less beach.  And every year, right about this time, I have to re-configure my whole wardrobe.  It's either that or start shopping at Chico's

If I'm going to go through all this trouble every year, the results should at least be decent.  Which means that, come the warm weather, I try to shave a few calories off of my food allowance.  But going all the way to October without a stuffed artichoke?  Infamia.  Lucky for me, I don't have to.  Lucky for you, today I present my friend Christine's Amazing (and totally healthy) Artichoke Casserole.

She's not Italian, but she's married to one.  And lives in New Jersey.  Same thing.

Amazing Artichoke Casserole
Cook a big bag of frozen artichokes according to the package directions.  Drain them and put them into an oiled casserole dish.  Pour some olive oil over them.  Sprinkle with bread crumbs (I use whole wheat), mixed with grated cheese (I use Romano), salt and pepper, and some dried basil.  Drizzle with more olive oil.  Top with a pat of butter and put the dish into a 350 degree oven until heated through and a little golden brown on top.

If you've ever stuffed artichokes, you'll notice that this recipe is about a thousand time easier and much less time-consuming.  If you feel guilty about that, you can use fresh artichokes and fresh basil, and meno male I don't have those kind of compunctions.  Just so you know, the rest of us will be out in the sunshine.

Enjoying what's left of the beach.


  1. I'm just trying to remember how to shave my legs w/o getting razor bumps... Because I don't live in Florida anymore and there are these things called seasons I'm experiencing. And jeans. What even is summer????

  2. Oh Please don't start shopping at Chico's. I know it seemed like a good idea when Diane Keaton did it but I'm pretty certain they paid her to wear their clothes. You're groovier than that. Artichokes. Chic and yummy. Thanks for checking in on me. XXXXOOOOO

  3. Don't talk like that!!! We must definitely go through your wardrobe together before you take any impulsive decision!!! I love love love artichokes, but the ones that you buy frozen have a sour aftertaste, so I like to eat the fresh thing my mother in law ehehe. On the other hand, I will try and cook frozen artichokes following this recipe. What's wrong with your ankles? We can always photoshop them with a few tricks :-) tons of love my dearest!!

  4. Hi sweetie!
    what's the matter with your ankles? I'm sure we'll figure out a solution! try Zara for long, floaty skirts that will feel fresh and comfortable at the same time, because I have the idea that you are slim so they'll look gorgeous on you! as for artichokes I've never cooked them but I'm feeling this delicious recipe and will give it a try!

    wish you a lovely week babe

  5. Needed to pop by for a quick hug!!


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